Welcome to Asel Art Supply

We have been serving artists, designers, and students in Texas since 1951.  Come visit our stores or shop online and find a wide array of art supplies available.  When you visit our stores our helpful staff will be able to answer your questions and provide real world experience with our products.  We're artists too!


Customized ART KITS

Asel Art Supply takes the headache out of back to school shopping! We've gathered all the art supplies your student needs to create great art and we've slashed the prices and packaged them all into easy to handle packs. You'll save gas, time, and money when you choose Asel Art Supply!

We will process your payment through this website and we'll ship your student's kit to the school.  Your student will get his or her kit in class. Kit orders are collected for a period of time and then grouped together before shipping to your school. 

ASEL ART SUPPLY thanks you!


Asel Art Supply supports local art groups with competitions,  use of meeting rooms for local painting workshops, an art community bulletin board, and other such activities.  Asel Art also provides custom kits and reasonably priced supplies to students, their teachers, and businesses. Click the link below to view more inventory.